Tracey O’Shea is an incredibly patient, loving and nurturing teacher.  We loved El Segundo Co-op Nursery School and were fortunate to have two of our children go through the program.  The requirement to work in the school gives parents an opportunity to see their child in an environment that they might otherwise not experience.  I highly recommend El Segundo Co-op Nursery School and Tracey O’Shea!  

               -Drew Boyles


We chose the Co-Op because we wanted to be involved with our children’s education, from the very beginning of their journeys. For our children, Co-Op’s tailored programs provided a perfect transition from being a stay-at-home toddler, to a preschool student – and we were there in the classroom to see them flourish. It is priceless truly knowing all the children and parent’s in the class and forming friendships that we truly feel will last a lifetime  Being active parents at Co-Op has set the bar for being involved parents throughout our children’s education. Co-Op is home and we are honored that our children both graduated from there.  

               -Sara and Tim Whelan 


A few months before our little girl was born, we moved to El Segundo. We didn’t know ANYONE. Because we also own our own business and work long hours, we had a hard time getting to know other parents aside from our next-door neighbors. When a friend suggested we check out the Co-op, I realized this was exactly the sort of thing our family needed. Not only did it allow us to immediately get to know a ton of other families, it gave us the opportunity to be a special part of our daughter’s life. Other parents I have talked to who attended different preschools complained that they had no idea what their kids were doing each day. It was important to me to be aware and to be a part of my child’s life in the unique way that this program allows. As working parents, we sometimes find ourselves getting caught up in our careers and not seeing our child as much as we wish we could, but this school allows us an opportunity to make time to be together in a special way, to make memories we will cherish forever, and to also get to know the friends she will be in school with for the next 12(+) years. It warms my heart each time my daughter asks us, “Are you going to be my classmate today?” and the excitement she shows when we say, “Yes!” is priceless. As well, our presence in the classroom a couple times each month gave my daughter confidence to help her thrive when transitioning from being at home to a school environment and has already influenced her to love learning. My daughter adores Mrs O’Shea and Miss Bre-Anne and can’t wait to go to school each morning. Also, knowing there are always parents in the classroom give me the security  that my child will always be receiving the education she deserves. Before we know it, our little one will be off to elementary school and our moments together each day will be much more brief – the extra time that this school encouraged my husband and I to spend with our daughter has influenced our relationship with her in such a positive way, I can never say thank you enough. And to be a part of the close-knit network of Co-op families has allowed us all to make friendships that will last a lifetime! 

               -Amy & Brad Graiff


Being a part of the Co-op has really helped me to make being in the classroom and spending time with my kids an important priority! 

One of my favorite things has been meeting all the amazing moms and dads that work at this Co-op. Another things that makes this school stand out is the 1:4 parent/child ratio – this is awesome! We have been thrilled with the amazing teacher, Mrs. O’Shea, and her assistant, Ms. Bre-Anne! I love the friendships that myself and my son have made through the past two years!  

               -The De Abreu Family


Volunteering gave me the chance to see my son grow socially and academically that I would not have seen if I did not get the chance to participate. 

               -Scott Jakubowski


We are huge fans of the El Segundo co-op preschool, having been an active co-op family four years in a row. This small, sweet school embodies the essence of our beloved small town where we are truly ‘a village’ for one another. To be such an intimate part of our childrens’ early education, while learning valuable parenting communication skills in a safe loving place, was priceless!”

               -Jean-Louis and Josette Boudreau


I’m lucky enough to say 2 of my children attended El Segundo Co-Op. It was such a rewarding experience for myself and for them. I loved having a community of parents my children could rely on and the friends we made will be friends for life. 

Mrs. O’Shea truly loves her job and the children. It shows in every way from the moment you walk in to the last goodbye at the end of the day. Her energy is infectious. 

I have 1 more to put in preschool and ES COOP is where I’ll be going right back to.

               -Sarah Flynn 


If you are fortunate to have the el Segundo Co-op Nursery School experience, you will never forget it. Both of our children went through the program and I feel it gave them the most wonderful foundation to start their academic journey. Tracey O’Shea is kind, loving and knowledgeable. The program allows you a hands-on experience with your little ones when they need it most. The sense of security it creates, allows for a more confident, balanced child with the courage to take on higher learning. We loved the program and feel it was the only choice for our kids! 



My son made friends that he will continue to see throughout his academic tenure. I am so proud and love this school. 



I am so happy that my wife and I decided to sign up with El Segundo Co-op! Before the Co-Op our daughter was extremely shy and reluctant to talk to or play with anyone outside of our family. Now she has come out of her shell and is so much more outgoing. And beyond being social, there is a confidence within our daughter now that I can only assume is the result of how the teachers run their classes. The kids are taught to carry their own things, clean up after themselves and all projects are done by themselves keeping the parents hands off in those instances. That little bit of independence has gone such a long way at home. I highly recommend the El Segundo Co-Op Nursery School!  

               -Matthew Osborne


I toured about 10-15 preschools in our area and I chose to enroll my son at the El Segundo Co-Op as soon as I went to see it. I haven’t looked back and am thrilled looking forward to next year at the Co-Op. I really wanted to find an option that felt like home and had a warm and inviting atmosphere but that was also structured and would prepare my son for Kindergarten. The Co-Op has all of these things and more. I feel like my son has a second family and I see that each and every teacher, parent and child go out of their way to help him feel safe, accepted, included and special. On top of all of those amazing things, Mrs. O’Shea and Ms. Bre-Anne are the best. They teach and lead us all (not just the kids) with compassion, fun, humor, patience and kindness. If you have the ability to join this Co-Op, you will not regret it! My son loves it and has truly blossomed here already. 

               -Elizabeth Post


My kids are happy co-op kids and I am a proud co-op parent. I love the co-op model and I think it really benefits my children to have a large community of caring parents embellish their play and education. I also love that as parents we are able to truly participate in our children’s growth and development and work with like minded teachers and parents.

Being in your child’s classroom on a regular basis is a gift. It is a time that never comes again and is so brief. As they get older you have less opportunity and they also may not want you there. 

               -Claudia Velez