Working in a Cooperative

Parental Duties

A cooperative nursery school gives parents the unique opportunity to be part of their child’s first school experience. As the name implies, in a cooperative everyone’s active participation is important to making it work. The children are happiest when they, their parents, and teachers work together openly and “cooperatively.”

These are your responsibilities as a co-oping parent:

Co-oping: Each parent is expected to “co-op” at El Segundo Nursery. On a scheduled day, the child’s mother or father assists the teacher and performs all necessary tasks as indicated by the teacher. The parent must arrive on time; failure to do so unfairly shifts the burden of work to other parents.

Parent Meetings: At least one parent from each family is required to attend the parent meetings. There is an orientation meeting at the beginning of the year for all families, and one monthly meeting throughout the year. Your attendance and participation at these meetings is valuable and necessary.

Committee or Board Service: Each parent is asked to help with the work of one of the committees which help run the school or serve on the Board.

Open Communication: We stress the need for open, frank, and fair communication among parents, the Board, and the teachers. Should you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please share them with the teachers, with a Board member. You will be listened to. Grumbling and grousing is destructive and doesn’t solve anything.

Set Up Day: One parent is required to come to the school on set up day. Students and siblings are welcome on set up day.

Field Trips: In the classes, we often expand the children’s experiences through nature walks, visits to museums, a farm (for pumpkins in the Fall and strawberries in the Spring), and other destinations as they fit into the curriculum. Parents attend field trips with your child. Siblings are welcome, an additional costs may be incurred.

We also bring experiences into the classroom with visits from community helpers (our annual Firefighter visit) and a variety of professionals (including our talented parents).

School Calendar: The school year at El Segundo Co-op begins one week after the opening of ESUSD schools and ends the first week in June with a two-week break during the winter holidays. El Segundo Co-op closely follows the holiday schedule of ESUSD.

School hours are 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Working parents hours are 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

AT NO OTHER TIME  IN YOUR CHILD’S LIFE WILL YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE SO INVOLVED AND INFLUENTIAL IN YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION. You will experience your child’s joy of discovery, power of independence, and pride of accomplishment. As El Segundo Cooperative Nursery School parents, we have experienced the rewards of a cooperative preschool, and know that we have truly provided an excellent learning opportunity for our children. And though participation in a cooperative preschool can be demanding, we find the rewards of parent education and the time spent interacting with our children are well worth the effort.